Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Holidays from Sexy Gold Coast Escorts!

It's that time of the year again! We know you don't want to be alone during your holiday weekend getaway! In sunny Gold Coast, you don't have to be lonely on Christmas; you can be with the best escorts in Gold Coast. These are the girls that can make your ultimate erotic desires come true. With these ladies, you would be happy to get coal on your sock from Santa this Christmas!

Happy Holidays from escorts in Gold Coast!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Special Meeting with a Gold Coast Escort – The Conclusion

To continue Mr. Sullens erotic adventure with Shana –a hot Latina Gold Coast escort.

Mr. Sullen? Hearing my name from her lips was like being in paradise. There was a 3 second pause (being the awkward me) and responded: “yes” and bid my greetings. She was accommodating, friendly and warm. I could tell that we are going to have a great time together. I lead her to my ride which was parked in the empty underground space.

On the way, we talked about lots of things and instantly, I felt comfortable around her; as if we have been friends for a very long time. By the time we reached the car, there was a weird aura on her. I opened the car door for her and made my way to the driver’s seat. She was looking at me with desire and fierceness. She gave me a kiss, a deep French kiss and instantly, my cock went hard. We were on it for 10 seconds when she proceeded to rub my bulging pants. Wow! She is one horny babe.

I could no longer control the situation. Shana, the elegant model hides a dark and erotic side. She unzipped my pants, looked up to me and rubbed my hard cock. Her hands were running up and down slowly; what a wonderful and spontaneous experience. I looked at her and she bit her lip. I almost forgot what happened next, I saw my dick vanish in her mouth. The pleasure was so intense; I could almost cum in her mouth. She went on and on until I finally climaxed with a little moan. She swallowed my cum with little drips of it on her lips, licking it with her tongue. Come to think all of this happened in the front seat of my car in a parking lot.

Clearly I wanted more, more and more until I can’t handle it anymore. I touched her legs all the way up her sweet pussy. I gently rubbed her until she was wet enough. We kissed passionately while I was rubbing her wet flower. I slipped my fingers in and rubbed her clit; she gave out a little moan. This little vixen was defenseless against my fingers. I went faster and faster, penetrating her with my index finger until she herself came.

We spent the next 30 minutes talking about ourselves and giving our opinions about certain topics. Shana is a jewel, I even wondered how a gorgeous girl like her ended up being an escort. After we arranged ourselves and got cleaned up, I started the car on the way to the function. As we drove, we talked about lots of things; we laughed, we shared each other’s feelings and had passion for each other.

I arrived a little bit behind schedule because of what happened in the parking lot. Everyone was enjoying the food and wine served. Shana was really social, friendly and confident. It kind of rubbed off on me as well, being able to socialize and acquaint myself with other guests. What constantly gets in my head is the fact that this modelesque girl with me gave me a BJ without you knowing it; a pleasure-giving thought if you ask me.

After we the event was over, I drove her home. We thanked each other for the experience and I handed out her fees which I forgot to give before we met up. I apologized but she quickly accepted it with a smile. We said our goodbyes and she went back up to her apartment and I drove home to get ready to go home.

The experience with Shana was something I will remember all my life. If I was to travel to Gold Coast, I will surely see her again.

Jacob Sullen

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Monday, October 21, 2013

An Erotic Story: My Special Meeting with a Gold Coast Escort

Aside from the GFE or girlfriend experience service, escorts is also a great companion for local business gatherings and events. Many travelling and local businessmen employ escorts as a companion for these said events and I am one of them. You could say that I am a young entrepreneur, travelling for meetings, business signings and events. I have always been shy about meeting people so in every state or country that I am in, I always hire escorts. I am confident about my management skills but I would prefer it if I would not attend these events, simply because it doesn’t interest me so I make it interesting by hiring girls to accompany me.

Recently, I received a memo saying that a business event is happening in Gold Coast, so as always, I pack up, get ready and phone my favorite escort. I was halfway through packing my things when my courtesan called me that she can’t be in Gold Coast because she has other commitments. I felt disappointed but feeling spontaneous, I convinced myself to hire another escort based in Gold Coast.

Looking through the pages of, I stumbled upon a very awesome girl. A green-eyed brunette with marvelous features, slim yet curvy and with great background. Her name was Shana and we agreed to meet up in Gold Coast tomorrow for the event. Seeing her sexy photos in lingerie and almost naked in her profile turned me on. I was not planning on anything sexual for my booking but seeing such a beautiful lady; I don’t know if I can help myself.

I arrived in Gold Coast early in the morning according to plan. Exhausted from the travel, I needed a short nap but the moment I closed my eyes, I saw Shana in my dreams seducing me. I woke up with a huge boner. I thought, It’s been awhile since I have been with a woman. Because of my busy schedule, I have been on a dry spell for more than 6 months now and maybe Shana can cure me of my hex. I fell asleep thinking about her.

Late in the afternoon, Shana called and woke me up to confirm the meeting later. I never noticed her sexy Brazilian accent until now; she was like Salma Hayek on the phone. I can’t wait to meet her, I thought. She must be really sexy based on what I saw on her profile. I hate to leave my bed but I have an event to attend and a girl to meet which is enough for me to shove the blankets and get dressed.

Shana agreed to pick her up in her apartment on our way to the event, as what I always do with my favorite escorts. She gave me instructions on how to get there; I was quite surprised to find myself in a five star apartment knocking on her room. I must admit that I was really nervous but all of the effort and anxiety paid off when I saw her beautiful green eyes. Standing in front of me was a stunningly gorgeous model in high heels with an elegant red cocktail dress with her hair in a neat bun. She was a supermodel and I felt so lucky to be able to be with her for the next hours.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Gallery Featuring the Hottest Gold Coast Escort Girls

Mia Rossi

Amber Green


Aubrey Black

Jasmine Jaro the Empress

Monica Rodriguez

Anastasia Bellx

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Find Intimacy with the Best High Class Australian Escorts

The adult entertainment in Australia had never been  this hot and vibrant if it not for the best high class escorts in the country. In every state, there are available escorts that you can book. These ladies are available from Sydney to Perth, you get only elite ladies. Watch the video for more information about these ladies.

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Hobart Escorts are also available for bookings. Touring escorts from all over Australia would shower you with erotic fun and excitement.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5 Easy Ways on how to Properly Book an Elite Escort Girl

Like in many Australian states Queensland has a number of local and touring escorts that accept bookings from their lovers and gentlemen. You can hire escorts that are from an agency or independent escort girls in Gold Coast. When looking for escort agencies, you can easily look them up online, choose the right escort girl that you would need and you can make your bookings.

Agencies are more lenient when it comes to accepting clients but independent escorts think otherwise. They greatly discern their clients and accommodate those who they would like which would include their regular clients and a few new lovers if they feel like it. Independent escorts have more control on their schedule and who they want to see for a particular time. If you have the hearts for one of these ladies, here are some easy steps on how to land a booking with high class escorts.

  1. Looking for escorts. When finding the right girl, you need to broaden your search. The easiest way would be to look online. Websites such as Private Girls Australia can help you look for available female escorts in Gold Coast or in any other city in Australia..
  2. Find an escort that physically attracts you. In each profile or website you go, there will always be photos posted. Find an elite escort that would suit your liking physically. Most of the websites today have a filtered advanced search that will enable you to search for a particular escort depending on hair color, body type, fetishes and many more.
  3. Establishing communication. When inquiring about certain escort services, don’t be blunt on your inquiry. Be professional and don’t just ask how much a blowjob would cost. Either email or a text message, start it with a “Good afternoon/ morning” or any formalities you prefer. Most of the escorts don’t even read messages that start with “How much…” or “Would you be available…”
  4. Calling escorts. After exchanging a few emails or text, you can ask permission from your chosen escort if you can call her. Never call from a private or blocked number. Always leave a callback number if you can so that she can call you for any changes within the appointment.
  5. Keeping an open line for communication. When booking for escorts, communication is important. If you have a particular fetish or requests, you can tell your escort what you want to happen with your booking. Some clients end up disappointed because they didn’t even bother telling their escorts what they want to happen during the meeting.

When making bookings, escorts expect their clients to act professional and be respectful, either that, it’s either you get bad escort service or no service at all. If you are looking for more escort girls in Gold Coast, you can check out our main private girls site. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Gold Coast Touring Escorts this August and September!

Gold Coast Touring Escorts this August and September!

Australia is no stranger to the adult entertainment industry; in fact the country is even host to a number of hot elite escorts from around the continent. This August and September, Gold Coast will be filled with touring girls from around the country, especially from Sydney and Melbourne. If you desire and epic and sensual companion while in Queensland, check out these girls that are touring this August and September:

Milani Mitchell

Candice is one of our newest hot elite escorts in the business. Originally from Chicago, this exotic American bombshell can give you the ultimate passion and intense orgasms. She will be in Gold Coast on the 20th to the 25th of August.

Isabella Grace

If you ever desire a blue-eyed blonde in your trips to Gold Coast this August, then you will certainly have a great time with Isabella Grace. Isabella is an experienced and exclusive companion from Sydney and she is now touring Queensland! You can catch her in Gold Coast on the 26th to the 29th of August.


Honey Adams

Honey Adams is no stranger to the adult entertainment industry. She is one of our experienced high class escorts from Melbourne with a curvaceous body and natural DD cup breasts. Keep her company in her tours in Gold Coast on the 7th of September (one day exclusive).

Arianny Koda

Ready to fulfill your Asian fantasies? Arianny Koda is now travelling to Cairns on the 3rd of September for one night! Arianny is a girl you don’t want to miss on her tours, especially her naughty PSE!

Olivia Acqui

For men who are looking for a sweet and intimate companion in Gold Coast, Olivia is now in the city for one night only on the 24th of August! Experience high class escorting and genuine passion from Olivia with lots of fun and hot sex!

Most of these girls opted their faces to be blurred from their photos online to protect their privacy. Assuring you of quality service, you can read a couple of reviews on their Gold Coast escort profile or on many adult websites and forums. You can also find more Australian girls on our main site!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Making your Pantyhose Fantasies come true with Gold Coast Escort Girls

Best Gold Coast Escort at Australia

Foot fetishism had evolved to a new form of fetish. A growing popularity around the Internet is the stocking fetish or arousal with the thought of women wearing stockings. Some of the manifestations are as follows:

  1. Wearing hosiery while engaging in sex or sexual activity.
  2. Being sexually aroused when wearing pantyhoses (even for males).
  3. Interacting with a pantyhose during sexual activity whether alone or with a partner..
  4. Significant arousal on women wearing stockings even when just observing.
  5. Indulging in erotic photography and pornography with subjects wearing hoses and stockings.

Many Gold Coast escortgirls receive fetish requests from their clients. Among the most common are lingerie, foot fetishisms, light to heavy BDSM and stocking fetish. Stocking fetish is characterized as being turned on by wearing or seeing a woman in stockings or tights. There are many reasons why this fetish is gaining popularity amongst the male crowd. For one thing, it makes females sexier, especially partnered with matching lingerie.

Here are some reasons why women love wearing pantyhose:

  1. Hosiery temporarily blocks blemishes and other unwanted scars on your legs, making them look perfect.
  2. It makes your butt, thighs and legs appear firm and tight while hiding extra cellulites.
  3. Depending on the color of your hose, it makes your legs appear smoother, sexier and makes huge contrasts among other parts of your body. Black hoses make your legs appear slimmer while lighter ones enhance the curves of your legs.
  4. Because of its silky texture, it feels pleasing to both the wearer and her partner.
  5. During foreplay, it adds to the excitement when removing clothes. It adds to the number of removables but makes it a lot sexier because it is longer to take off.
  6. Hoses make you look good in heels. All you need to do is match it up with your pairs and lingerie.

If you are one of the people who enjoy hosiery more than anything in sex, you will definitely love to see hot and sexy Gold Coast escorts in sexy pantyhoses.