Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obvious Things about Boobs

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Men love boobs. It is the ultimate weapon of distraction whether you are dating a big boobed girl or just looking at some sexy photos online. Males are preprogrammed to seek out women who have big bosoms because of its ability to nourish their future offspring (yeah, science has a way of creeping us out.), mainly the bigger the better.

Women with large cup sizes have a little advantage of their own. They get all the attention in parties, they get what they want because they have big bazonkas and the sex is pretty amazing, they’re great cup holders too! (Have you seen most funny photos around the net? They are full of women using their boobs as cup holders, LOL.) But, they have a bit of trouble when it comes to dating. Their dates can’t focus on what they say and just stare at their breasts, basically all men want to just bang her because of her boobs and they bounce all the time, in the gym, while you’re jogging, etc.

Almost a man’s entire dating checklist has a boobs requirement at least B cup in size. This is the same reason why small breasted women are insecure of their looks. They can’t get a date, they are perceived as unfeminine and according to Darwin’s natural selection, their traits are rather “undesirable”. They would end up lonely for the rest of their lives with a dozen cats, unless they compensate. Either they have $10, 000 for cosmetic surgical operations or improve their personality and other more desirable traits; they would be able to find the right man.

Women always talk about finding the right man but are they good enough for that man? Thankfully, boobs are not what they all want. They want understanding, maturity, sexual prowess and she knows her way to the kitchen (sorry for being sexist, no offense though).

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