Sunday, June 16, 2013

Show me Love: 10 Rules about Public Displays of Affection

Being in a relationship is awesome. When you are in love, you somehow have that urge to show the public that you are no longer single. Public displays of affection are common these days, especially when Valentine’s day is up but some couples out there go beyond what is acceptable to the public eye. If you don’t want your love labeled wrongly by the public eye, here are some PDA etiquette that you might want to observe:

  1. Make it look cute and romantic. Soft kisses to the cheek, holding hands and light touches look romantic not only for your partner but for other individuals that are hanging out near you.
  2. Stop when it feels uncomfortable not only for you but for the people around you. When you get hints of disgust from people around you then you need to stop. Do you really need to show the public how you deal with your woman in the bedroom? Know when it is time to stop and get a room.
  3. Kissing tops the list. Kissing him/her in public in front of people can be a romantic but that’s it, nothing more than a slight touch to the lips. Never try to french it when you are in front of the watching crowd.
  4. Don’t make your “sex face”. We know how pleasurable it is to be kissed by your boyfriend/girlfriend but you don’t have to roll your eyes or even moan when you are in the park or by the beach. Never make your “sex face” in public even if you are having so much fun with your partner.
  5. Never show some skin. You know how it is in the movies where the lead actor and actress kiss in the rain and somehow, a little skin or even some cleavage is shown? Don’t do that in public, it looks good in the movies but never in real life, especially when there are bystanders around.
  6. Never use PDA to seduce others. Women have been accused of doing this to get another man’s attention by sleeping with others. It never is a good sight and it makes you a slut for christ sakes. If you want to flirt with another man, why not go to him directly?
  7. Try to observe the people around you if they are cool with PDA. Don’t be sweet and romantic in front of old people and kids. Other age groups might find it repulsive and disgusting so always know your crowd.
  8. Never EVER touch other people especially in their sweaty regions. This applies to concerts and huge parties out in the open. If you have your girlfriend/boyfriend around all the more not to do it. Touching might look hot and dirty but it looks like you are trying to cheat so hands off.
  9. Never slip your hands to you or your partner’s private regions. One, it is disgusting and two, it just doesn’t look good. We understand that you two want to bang each other all night long but you don’t have to take it outside. Get a room for christ’s sake.
  10. PDA can affect your reputation. You know how gossip spreads; you might be the next talk of the town for showing off in public that is why you need to be careful around.

Public displays of affection is totally accepted within the public as long as the both of you know your limits when it comes to touching and cuddling and all. Find out about Australia’s perfect girlfriends and Gold Coast escorts here.

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