Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top 5 Lingerie Themes that can Turn him ON

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For women, feeling sexy is almost proportional to being sexy. Many may deny it but seducing your partner and feeling them succumb to your prowess, is one of the best foreplays for both men and women. Being intimate with your partner is one of the factors that keep a relationship healthy and strong. To help with the intimacy, many of us out there try to keep up with lingerie fashion trends and current styles to amp up their “playtime” with their significant other.

So to give you a heads up, here are some types of lingerie that you can use depending on your mood or what your man desires, he is the one you are trying to please after all.

  • The Flirty Girl

Bring out your girly side by sporting laces and flower patterns on your lingerie. Oink would be the best color for these type of ensemble. Camisoles, g strings and a lace baby doll would be perfect for your intimate times; the shorter the better, depending on your taste. Bring out the cuteness even further with a set of matching peep hole pumps.

  • Erotic ensemble

If you fantasize about something more erotic or perhaps within the borders of S and M play, you can try out corsets with garter belts and G string to match. Top it all off with a revealing brassiere that matches the ensemble. Classic blacks, reds and other piercing major color palette including white would be perfect. To take it to the next level, you can pare of your set with a pair of lacey stockings and 4 inch heels. If that does not turn your man on, what would?

  • Sports chick

Perhaps this would type would. If you are the type that want to take it slow in the bedroom and want to start with the basics, you can wear cotton boy shorts with kinky messages in the back (or perhaps his name.) and a white men or women’s tank top undershirt, a brassiere would not be necessary. Amp it up to another level with knee high sports socks and sneakers while wearing pig tails.

  • Strut with elegance

If you like to go down and dirty in elegance and style, you can go with the classic, elegant look. Lacey underwear (or perhaps a bridal set?) underneath a see through camisole or peignoir - a long silky robe or gown. You can cover up or reveal as much skin as you want depending on your preference. Now all you need are matching lacey heels and you are good to go!

  • Ready for role playing

Men love to fantasize about anything that their minds can venture into. You can play dress up without having to actually dress up by sporting your best lingerie themed with your man’s greatest erotic fantasies, i.e. schoolgirl, french maid, sexy secretary, etc. Fashion your lingerie with matching pumps depending on what the both of you agreed upon to role play.

Well, one thing is for sure, sporting these types of lingerie will certainly increase your chances of taking them off again (if you know what I mean). The best part about choosing the best lingerie for you is having fun and knowing more about what turns on your man. That is always fun for us women.

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