Sunday, July 28, 2013

Best Strip Clubs in Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast

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Gold Coast - being home to beautiful coastlines and crystal clear waters, is a perfect getaway destination in Australia. You can relax and unwind in the cool waters while still in the convenience of the city. Many tourists come here to experience the sun, the sand and the surf. As the sun goes down, Gold Coast turns into a party haven with music, booze and all-out fun on the streets.

There are bars and pubs that you can relax in after a day in the beach with your buddies. Among the best form of entertainment for a bachelor to enjoy in Gold Coast are the sexy strip clubs around the central business district. To help guide you around the city, here are some strip clubs that the city adult entertainment can offer:

  1. Hollywood Showgirls. Located at Orchid Avenue in Surfer’s Paradise, Hollywood Showgirls is a strip club famous for its Penthouse pets and hot strippers. It has a private VIP area and Millionaire’s Lap Room for those steamy private stripping. It’s a neat place for a bachelor or a group of friends to party with the hottest girls in the city.
  2. Players Showgirls. Right next to Hollywood Showgirls, Player’s also has a selection of the hottest strippers in Gold Coast. Open 7 nights a week, you can enjoy your booze and booty alone or with your friends after a hard day’s work. They even offer promo coupons online for more fun with half the price!
  3. Toybox Showgirls. Located along Surfer’s Paradise Boulevard, ToyBox is best known for its private dancers and comfortable VIP rooms fit for a gentleman. You can enjoy a good show with your friends on the upper floors and downstairs you will find the private play rooms. Toybox is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 8:30PM to 3:00AM.
  4. Crazy Horse. Located on Orchid Avenue near two other strip clubs in CBD, Crazy Horse specializes in show lap dancing or private lap dancing. It is also a haven for sports fans to watch live sports while being entertained with a hot girl. Feel free to come over with your friends or even set up a party on their function rooms.

As hot and sunny as it is during the day, Gold Coast also offers the best strip clubs and girls to its local and foreign inhabitants. To enjoy the best of what the city has to offer in terms of adult entertainment, feel free to get in touch with Gold Coast escort girls in the area. Get a pleasurable companion as you explore the city’s best pubs and clubs!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Role Playing Scenarios that can Spark your Interest!

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Role playing is the act of assuming a role during sex. It can go from a wide range of varieties, often involving costumes, toys and kinky sex for maximum pleasure. It happens when participants assume two different roles, fulfilling each other’s fantasies. Among the greatest things about sex role play is that there are unlimited possibilities, scenes and roles that you can assume. Also, there is no limit to the number of participants in the sex role play, whether threesome or foursome, if the mood is right you can definitely do it with more than just one person.

To help you boost your creativity, here are some of the most common role playing scenarios that you can do with Gold Coast escorts or with your partner:

  1. Teacher/ Student. Dreaming of short skirts and knee-high socks? This fantasy enables you to play both teacher and student, depending on what you want. The male counterpart can play as a student having the hots for a horny teacher or you can be the teacher giving in to the need of your horny student for good grades. What is great about this scenario is that the costumes are easy to find. Just look around your closet for a school uniform or eyeglasses.
  2. Utility or Delivery boy/ horny wife. One of the most common adult film porn plots are utility men visiting a housewife, all alone with her husband out of the country or off for work. The female can be as frisky as she wants to be, slowly seducing the utility man or not having enough money to pay for him. One of the fun things about this role play scenario is that it can either take place in the kitchen or living room; it sounds like fun!
  3. Real Estate Agent/ Client. This scenario enables participants to switch roles, either the woman can be the agent and the man can be the client, vice versa. The art of seduction is crucially at play here, the client will seduce the agent by whispering to him/her the things you would do in each room within the tour. How would you love some spice in it?
  4. Police Woman/ Burglar. This is a rather interesting scenario, the burglar breaks into a police officer’s home finding her hot and horny and “punishing” the burglar for being really naughty. The police women can then handcuff tease and spank their captive or if you are out of handcuffs, a simple handkerchief would do. Way to go for kinky sex!

There are all sorts of scenarios that you can experiment with. In role playing, you can be anyone you want to. Gold Coast escort girls often love to assume a porn star role during your times together. Follow your deepest, darkest fantasies and fill them up through role playing! aims to educate the people about the adult entertainment business in Australia. The country is home to many escorts and is pretty much well-known because of this business. High class girls are treated with respect by their clients and society in the nation. Know more about Gold Coast escort girls through our main Gold Coast escort main site or read more of our blogs.