Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Making your Pantyhose Fantasies come true with Gold Coast Escort Girls

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Foot fetishism had evolved to a new form of fetish. A growing popularity around the Internet is the stocking fetish or arousal with the thought of women wearing stockings. Some of the manifestations are as follows:

  1. Wearing hosiery while engaging in sex or sexual activity.
  2. Being sexually aroused when wearing pantyhoses (even for males).
  3. Interacting with a pantyhose during sexual activity whether alone or with a partner..
  4. Significant arousal on women wearing stockings even when just observing.
  5. Indulging in erotic photography and pornography with subjects wearing hoses and stockings.

Many Gold Coast escortgirls receive fetish requests from their clients. Among the most common are lingerie, foot fetishisms, light to heavy BDSM and stocking fetish. Stocking fetish is characterized as being turned on by wearing or seeing a woman in stockings or tights. There are many reasons why this fetish is gaining popularity amongst the male crowd. For one thing, it makes females sexier, especially partnered with matching lingerie.

Here are some reasons why women love wearing pantyhose:

  1. Hosiery temporarily blocks blemishes and other unwanted scars on your legs, making them look perfect.
  2. It makes your butt, thighs and legs appear firm and tight while hiding extra cellulites.
  3. Depending on the color of your hose, it makes your legs appear smoother, sexier and makes huge contrasts among other parts of your body. Black hoses make your legs appear slimmer while lighter ones enhance the curves of your legs.
  4. Because of its silky texture, it feels pleasing to both the wearer and her partner.
  5. During foreplay, it adds to the excitement when removing clothes. It adds to the number of removables but makes it a lot sexier because it is longer to take off.
  6. Hoses make you look good in heels. All you need to do is match it up with your pairs and lingerie.

If you are one of the people who enjoy hosiery more than anything in sex, you will definitely love to see hot and sexy Gold Coast escorts in sexy pantyhoses.

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