Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5 Easy Ways on how to Properly Book an Elite Escort Girl

Like in many Australian states Queensland has a number of local and touring escorts that accept bookings from their lovers and gentlemen. You can hire escorts that are from an agency or independent escort girls in Gold Coast. When looking for escort agencies, you can easily look them up online, choose the right escort girl that you would need and you can make your bookings.

Agencies are more lenient when it comes to accepting clients but independent escorts think otherwise. They greatly discern their clients and accommodate those who they would like which would include their regular clients and a few new lovers if they feel like it. Independent escorts have more control on their schedule and who they want to see for a particular time. If you have the hearts for one of these ladies, here are some easy steps on how to land a booking with high class escorts.

  1. Looking for escorts. When finding the right girl, you need to broaden your search. The easiest way would be to look online. Websites such as Private Girls Australia can help you look for available female escorts in Gold Coast or in any other city in Australia..
  2. Find an escort that physically attracts you. In each profile or website you go, there will always be photos posted. Find an elite escort that would suit your liking physically. Most of the websites today have a filtered advanced search that will enable you to search for a particular escort depending on hair color, body type, fetishes and many more.
  3. Establishing communication. When inquiring about certain escort services, don’t be blunt on your inquiry. Be professional and don’t just ask how much a blowjob would cost. Either email or a text message, start it with a “Good afternoon/ morning” or any formalities you prefer. Most of the escorts don’t even read messages that start with “How much…” or “Would you be available…”
  4. Calling escorts. After exchanging a few emails or text, you can ask permission from your chosen escort if you can call her. Never call from a private or blocked number. Always leave a callback number if you can so that she can call you for any changes within the appointment.
  5. Keeping an open line for communication. When booking for escorts, communication is important. If you have a particular fetish or requests, you can tell your escort what you want to happen with your booking. Some clients end up disappointed because they didn’t even bother telling their escorts what they want to happen during the meeting.

When making bookings, escorts expect their clients to act professional and be respectful, either that, it’s either you get bad escort service or no service at all. If you are looking for more escort girls in Gold Coast, you can check out our main private girls site. 

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