Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Special Meeting with a Gold Coast Escort – The Conclusion

To continue Mr. Sullens erotic adventure with Shana –a hot Latina Gold Coast escort.

Mr. Sullen? Hearing my name from her lips was like being in paradise. There was a 3 second pause (being the awkward me) and responded: “yes” and bid my greetings. She was accommodating, friendly and warm. I could tell that we are going to have a great time together. I lead her to my ride which was parked in the empty underground space.

On the way, we talked about lots of things and instantly, I felt comfortable around her; as if we have been friends for a very long time. By the time we reached the car, there was a weird aura on her. I opened the car door for her and made my way to the driver’s seat. She was looking at me with desire and fierceness. She gave me a kiss, a deep French kiss and instantly, my cock went hard. We were on it for 10 seconds when she proceeded to rub my bulging pants. Wow! She is one horny babe.

I could no longer control the situation. Shana, the elegant model hides a dark and erotic side. She unzipped my pants, looked up to me and rubbed my hard cock. Her hands were running up and down slowly; what a wonderful and spontaneous experience. I looked at her and she bit her lip. I almost forgot what happened next, I saw my dick vanish in her mouth. The pleasure was so intense; I could almost cum in her mouth. She went on and on until I finally climaxed with a little moan. She swallowed my cum with little drips of it on her lips, licking it with her tongue. Come to think all of this happened in the front seat of my car in a parking lot.

Clearly I wanted more, more and more until I can’t handle it anymore. I touched her legs all the way up her sweet pussy. I gently rubbed her until she was wet enough. We kissed passionately while I was rubbing her wet flower. I slipped my fingers in and rubbed her clit; she gave out a little moan. This little vixen was defenseless against my fingers. I went faster and faster, penetrating her with my index finger until she herself came.

We spent the next 30 minutes talking about ourselves and giving our opinions about certain topics. Shana is a jewel, I even wondered how a gorgeous girl like her ended up being an escort. After we arranged ourselves and got cleaned up, I started the car on the way to the function. As we drove, we talked about lots of things; we laughed, we shared each other’s feelings and had passion for each other.

I arrived a little bit behind schedule because of what happened in the parking lot. Everyone was enjoying the food and wine served. Shana was really social, friendly and confident. It kind of rubbed off on me as well, being able to socialize and acquaint myself with other guests. What constantly gets in my head is the fact that this modelesque girl with me gave me a BJ without you knowing it; a pleasure-giving thought if you ask me.

After we the event was over, I drove her home. We thanked each other for the experience and I handed out her fees which I forgot to give before we met up. I apologized but she quickly accepted it with a smile. We said our goodbyes and she went back up to her apartment and I drove home to get ready to go home.

The experience with Shana was something I will remember all my life. If I was to travel to Gold Coast, I will surely see her again.

Jacob Sullen

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