Monday, November 17, 2014

7 Not-So-Known Truths about Female Masturbation

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When it comes to men, masturbation is just a combination of some porn, lube, and a five-finger grip. Women, on the other hand, have more complicated solo sessions. It doesn't deliver results that fast. From preparation to technique, it can be a whole lot different.

For one thing, they can't just do it wherever they want. They don't always care about reaching orgasm, nor need porn to get off. So, how do the ladies do it? Here are the not-so-known truths about female masturbation, and what happens behind closed doors.

1. They don't do it often

Research shows that around 25 percent of men masturbate at least three times a week. But the numbers are lower for women, where only ten percent pleasure themselves at the same rate. This is because they see it more as a production, and not a quick activity. Another reason is the stigma that revolves around female masturbation.

2. It's quicker without you

Generally, women take longer to orgasm. According to experts, it takes up to 20 minutes of foreplay for her nerve endings to be stimulated. However, when she goes solo, she can focus more on her pleasure than her partners'. This leads to faster orgasm, approximately two to three minutes, because she knows exactly what she wants.

3. Her preparation is different                 

While men can start the act immediately, women need some preparation. Her head needs to be 'in the zone' to increase their chances for orgasm. That's why; environment and atmosphere should also be sensual. Some may prefer to light a few candles, use a special lubricant or draw herself a relaxing bath before pleasuring herself – no distractions.

4. She wants a softer touch

When men masturbate, they prefer a stronger grip, with clenched fingers, using a rough up-and-down motion. Women want it slower, in a gentler and subtler touch. Sex experts from Gold Coast Escorts share that the clitoris has actually twice as many nerve endings as the head of the penis. When a woman wants it rough, she'll tell you.

5. It's about exploring the body

Men tend to focus on one tool alone at the beginning, middle and end of self-pleasure – their dicks. Women tend to make masturbation a full body activity. They stimulate not just their clitoris, but also other areas of the body including their labia, neck, and breasts among others. The ladies like massaging their nipples, and inner thighs.

Gold Coast Escorts also reveals another secret about female masturbation. Women are more likely to go for multiple rounds. It's because they don't have the same refractory period after reaching their climax. Now you know how she does it!

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