Monday, September 19, 2016

Gold Coast Escorts - Great Benefits From Hiring These Kittens

Gold Coast Escorts
There can be countless dudes resorting to escort services for any reason. Maybe, you're one of them, or you have been thinking of it. Understandably you are interested to experience a different lover at times. Or you're a bit too hectic to have a committed affair. No matter what your reasons are, your best option is the ravishing seductresses at Private Girls Gold Coast.

Whether or not it's for an hour or even a full day, you will find specific benefits of an escorting provider.

1. Ensured premium time. Not merely are these dames irresistible, but they're sensible, also. There is never a blunt chit-chatting with one of them. Moreover, her knowledge of a good place makes sure you will not go missing if you go out on date and get together some place for your tryst.

Additionally, her main focus is that you delight in your time with each other, so you'll have an amazing relaxation. She's going to make you feel satiated, and you won't encounter any problem entertaining whenever you are with her. 

2. Welcoming togetherness. You don't have to proceed out of town if it turns out it is simply a short-time lover/friend you really need. With a courtesan, you will be able to see the exhilarating views, and explore everything the place has got to serve, savouring the encounter with a pretty gal together with you.

If you happen to call on associates for an organisation dinner, bring her along as your date. She could attract attention whilst making you come alive as a prosperous, alluring Valentino.

3. There aren't strings attached. No matter if it's only accompaniment for the day, or otherwise a girlfriend experience (GFE), commitment isn't a huge concern. These professional women can pardon you just in case you're seeing other dames when you're away – it's part of their job, as well as part of their existence. 

Once she's together with you, appreciate her welcoming, caring nature, not to mention, other elements of her - from blithesome to steamy and flirty. In other words, you can now enjoy having a friendship without fear of circumstances.

And so, don't think twice too long. Feel the quiet nirvana of an affair, from warm dates to explosive sexual climaxes. Explore the gallery at Independent Escorts Gold Coast now!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Reasons She Says 'No' When You Want Her to Face-Sit

Gold Coast Escorts
Oral sex is a great way to give and get pleasure without worrying about the lovely lady getting pregnant. Many blokes enjoy receiving it, some enjoy it more when they give – and it's the same for girls, including several Gold Coastescorts. But what if you keep getting 'no' for an answer when you ask your lovely partner if she wants to “sit on your face”?

Besides how un-sexy that can sound for some, here are a few reasons she turns down that offer each time.

1.      She doesn't know how to do it. It may look hot in porn, but when it comes down to it, she has no clue how to face-sit without suffocating you at any point. There are several questions that could run through her mind, like does she just squat or does she grind while you lick? True, she won't find out if she doesn't try it, but it's something she'll be embarrassed about.

2.      She's too shy. Dominating her guy might not be up her alley – and yes, there are girls who fall in that category. Who knows, she might just prefer you dominating her and taking charge in bed. You can help her open up a little more in bed, but don't push the face-sitting too much, too early if she's this kind of lady.

3.      She's thinking about the smells. Some women are uncomfortable with the idea of oral sex, whether she's lying down or squatting over you, because of the smells down there. Instead of focusing on her pleasure, she'll be thinking about whether the scent is funky or not. That's not exactly a sexy thought, and it'll make it hard for her to orgasm.

4.      It's uncomfortable. As mentioned earlier, facesitting involves her squatting over your face while you lick teasingly at her lady bits. You may think this is pleasurable, but it might not be so for her.

Think about it – she looks like she's in the middle of a squat exercise, and has to hold it while you try and get her to climax. Her thighs are likely to get tired at some point, and if she's uncomfortable because of that, there are less chances she'll reach the Big O.

5.      Her bum is too near. True, if you're going down on her while she's laying down, her butt is also nearby, but when she's face-sitting, it's just sticking up in the air in some way. That, again, is a distraction from the pleasure she should be feeling, which isn't a good thing for her orgasm.

Whether her reasons are one or all of the above, don't worry – you'll get there eventually when it comes to watching her grind above you while you use your mouth on her. But until then, just go slow, several Gold Coast escorts advise, so that she gets used to you going south to pleasure her.